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MedLeech Lung Care Package ǀ 6 medicinal leeches ǀ HIRUDO MEDICINALIS

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Introducing the MedLeech Lung Care Package

Enhance your respiratory health with our specialized MedLeech Lung Care Package designed for home use. This package includes 6 medicinal leeches, ideal for lung applications. Applying leeches to your back targets the thoracic spine region, improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

Why Choose Our MedLeech Lung Care Package?

  • Convenient Home Use: Leeches take time to work, up to an hour. Applying them at home allows you to relax and experience better results.
  • Support and Guidance: We offer remote sessions to guide you through the process, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Have a relative or friend help with the application for the best experience.
  • Enhanced Effectiveness: Relax and even take a nap while the leeches do their work, optimizing the removal of clotted blood and enhancing lung clearance.

Order Your MedLeech Lung Care Package Today!

Invest in your health with our 6-leech package. Contact us now to place your order and schedule a remote session for personalized guidance.

Visit Hirudo.Clinic for more information on leech therapy. Leech therapy (hirudotherapy): Medical use of leeches for treatment.


In additional to the package We provide a Home Application Video Tutorial or a video session with our Hirudo Therapist.

  1. How to Prepare the Area
  2. The art of Positioning the Leeches
  3. The importance to Monitor the Session
  4. Safety Guidance – Do Not Detach leeches before they are fully fed!

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